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Sparking Friendships and Allegiances

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Sparking friendships and allegiances

As the nation stumbles back to work again, it is divided into three camps: those who start their emails with “Happy New Year”, those who start their emails with “HNY” and those who start their emails like it’s June, because they think any New Year salutation is naff and unbusinesslike. 

No-one is right or wrong: each is just a different style of communication. But since communication is what we do, its wording is still worth thinking about. As a journalist, I can’t possibly know or have met every PR who pitches to me. In terms of building a relationship, email is all I have, and probably ever will have, since it’s simply not possible to meet everyone face to face for that oft-promised “coffee or something stronger”.

For me, cordiality matters. I appreciate a garnish of warmth and humanity atop a pitch. Like basil, it improves the presentation, and gives a flavour of a person I will probably never meet. I’m not asking to know what you had for Christmas dinner, or how your MIL drank too much sherry and started slagging off your turkey crown. I’m just saying don’t always equate short, curt emails with professionalism. Sometimes, especially at this time of year, they can come off as cold. Yes, words can be very unnecessary. But they can also spark friendships and allegiances.

Here’s to more meaningful ones in 2023. 

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