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I’ve hinted at this before, but in my mental database there are a handful of PRs whom I know will always – assuming it’s possible for their client or company in the first place – be able to source me a tailored, flight-inclusive package price inside an hour or two.

Such people are crucial for me, given that the likes of the Times (especially) tend to work to breakneck-speed deadlines. As I don’t want to disappoint editors, and have my bones boiled for breakfast, it’s imperative that I can rely on the PRs I ask for a sufficiently fast turnaround – however absurd and self-centred my demand is (“You’ve got other enquiries from paying customers? Ignore them all for me. La la la.”).

Some of those PRs in that heroic bracket for me include James Treacy of Abercrombie & Kent and Cox & Kings, Matt Fisher of Real Holidays (full disclosure: a former client in my PR days) and Fiona Reece of Travel Tonic, usually courtesy of her client Best At Travel. All get regular column inches as a result. There are others, too, while the press team at Virgin Holidays impressively saved my bacon last week.

If you think that you and your client/company could offer this package-within-two-hours service, please do drop me a line – but please do be sure ahead of a road test…

It’s completely okay to not be able to deliver in that absurd timeframe. Some clients are slow; others are busy; you also may have a zillion things going on at almost every moment, and it just isn’t viable. All fair excuses and, so long as you always get back to me with reasonable haste (inside 24 hours, say), then we’re golden. You might not be on my 11th-hour shortlist, but you’ll still be very much someone I’m happy to rely on.

The real no-no is letting me down – promising a package within a set timeframe and then failing to deliver it anywhere close. In that scenario, I in turn disappoint my editors, and you’ll have guaranteed a long-term stay in my Bad Books, which can be found in cold storage amid the Land Of No Coverage.

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