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Most people’s working lives are plagued by emails and journalists are no exception. When I was working at The Telegraph, a morning of meetings out of the office could easily result in another 200 new emails in my in-box by the time I returned to my desk.

No trend story, no new product, it seemed, was too small not to send to a national newspaper fashion desk.

At points my unread emails numbered over 10,000. My husband, one of those annoying people with a spotless in-box, thought this was disgusting until I told him that some of my colleagues had 30 or 40,000 that would continue to stay there unread and undeleted.

Having that amount of unopened correspondence hanging over you is stressful. Imagine if they were sent in paper form? Four hundred letters a day would be decried as a total waste of resource. So, New Year, new tip. Is your email going to be read? Is it relevant to the person you’re sending it to or are you guilty of mass mailing? If that’s the case, be careful.

A name that constantly pops up in your in-box with irrelevant news is one that will not only be ignored, but also judged as incompetent and annoying.

Second tip: write in the subject line what what your story or request is. “Autumn/Winter 19 look book” – I’ve got 200 of them but fine. “Invitation to meet X Brand’s CEO 21 March”- even better, plus a date. “Clients at CES 2019”

Nope, no idea what you’re talking about. “Frisco x Karolina Pridjca 3.0”. What does this even mean?

What does any of it mean? Cue: existential crisis…

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