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Supporting The Transgender Community

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Supporting the transgender community

Last week’s Transgender Awareness Week reminded me of our responsibility to support the Trans community through beauty media, given how we play a significant role in shaping public perceptions of societal groups.

While I didn’t receive many PR comms hooked on the event – and perhaps it didn’t feel like that was necessary – some great initiatives stood out.

For example, a release from BABTAC (the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology – a leading membership organisations for beauty professionals), announced the distribution of guidance to its 30k subscribers on how its members can better care for Transgender clients.

To support press stories, its PR agency offered access to a plastic surgeon and co-founder of an injectables studio taking a de-gendered approach to aesthetics, and to a qualified electrolysis therapist for Trans clients.

I’d be fascinated to access more Trans-inclusive expertise for potential service articles, and would welcome authentic stories from Trans people that we could give a platform to.

Where possible, I think we should be including the Trans community across other PR outreach and editorial – whether speaking to the theme specifically or to the diverse face of beauty in general.

Hopefully, the more we raise the group’s visibility, the more we demonstrate that everyone is accepted and respected in the colourful world of beauty.

What Bridget Thinks…

“Here is BABTAC’s announcement, which includes interesting data and a summary of the guidance sent to its community. The message is impactful alone, but the press release is also clearly and concisely presented making it further appeal.”

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