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I have a new year’s work resolution for 2023. As ever, as a freelancer, I want to find new clients and expand my writing portfolio. Over the next 12 months, however, I’m going to identify one principal target per month and put a good deal of concerted effort into cracking them during the 30-odd days.

it won’t just be endless, demented pitching. Time will be devoted to researching what works for them and what they’ve covered recently; to reading any pitching guidelines or advertising packs that might exist; to confirming that freelance contributors do, indeed, write for them; and identifying who best to contact. The net result will be one or two approaches.

I won’t always be successful, of course — anything close to a 50 per cent success rate would be a brilliant result. But the important thing is to try.

When I give one of my occasional masterclasses at PR agencies, I always stress the importance of being proactive and creative. In either case, the upside isn’t simply the potential of more coverage for you / income for me. It also helps you to grow, exercises the mind, challenges you. Success or not, it should make us feel good.

Which is why I’m saying all this: I urge you to do the same. Pick a desirable publication or writer per month — agencies could even divvy them up among staff — and dedicate a little time each week to generating ideas for them. Personally, I try to ensure that at least half of one weekday is allocated to pitching. It keeps me fresh, and it stops me being lazily avoidant or stuck in a rut. The best way to start a new year.

What Richard Thinks…

“Its punchiness is good, but what really impressed me about this release was the urging of the Morocco-is-open message; not content with the newsiness of Byway’s launch, Kate has added extra angle to her release.  Great job.”

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