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Telegraph Christmas Gift Guides

Telegraph Christmas gift guides

Last week I promised to focus my attention on Christmas gift guides and I always try* to deliver on my promises.

Here at the Telegraph there are several opportunities to cover such big subjects and so coordination is key. I’ve laid out a plan with a colleague so that there will be both a Telegraph Magazine gift guide and one in the newspaper too. But – and this is crucial – we want to make sure that there aren’t lots of different digital files that make searching for our (brilliant) content difficult.

So our eight experts will select gifts for their sector priced below £50 for the newspaper and between £50 and £300 for the magazine (the fabulous Luxury supplement makes its own, rather more rarefied arrangements!). They will appear in print on different days in mid-November in different sections but online will live as one file – meaning someone in search of great gifts for a foodie (for instance) will find all the ideas in one place.

So to the nitty gritty, first, we are making our selections by the week of 17 October so now is the time to submit ideas. A clear release or email with details, price, availability/stockist and a jpeg (link to hi-res version) makes our lives so much easier. 

Second, who’s doing what. Food is Xanthe Clay; drink is Victoria Moore; women’s fashion is Lisa Armstrong, men’s fashion is Stephen Doig and stylish stocking fillers is Sophie Tobin. Home is Jessica Doyle; finally, Anna Tyzak is looking after children’s gifts.

As you’ll know, we’re all always frantic and never at the end of a phone but this is a uniquely open time for email information so please do send. We’re all in the Roxhill database… lots of creative, cost-conscious ideas very welcome!

*Try but not always succeed: I had eleven meetings during my work day yesterday so it was touch and go…

What Lisa Thinks…

“With Christmas in my thoughts, but in search of a fun food story for tomorrow’s paper, this quirky release from Waitrose caught my attention as the jumping-off point for an ‘odd food innovations’ feature”

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