I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we on the fashion, beauty and lifestyle side of journalism can’t do our jobs without you guys.

Even this week, when we’re all supposed to be slowing down (ha, that’s an urban myth, isn’t it?), I’ve been bothering an inordinate number of PRs for phone time with their buyers or designers, statistics about sales and products, images and fact-checks.

So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. And I’m going to do something controversial and pick out a few who have really been brilliant this year.

Thank you to the teams at: Rainbowave for bringing me wonderful brand stories and taking me on a fab trip to Athens; John Lewis for being on hand with facts whenever they’re needed; Louis Vuitton for always having the knowledge and the information and the enthusiasm; Village for tirelessly pursuing me in the face of unanswered emails and getting me to commit in the end; Karlo Otto for their fabulously interesting clients and a team who gets on the job straight away; Kara Goodley for never failing to cheer me up; Julia Williams for being a brilliant pal; Purple and Lucy Irby PR, who keep me informed and invite me to lots of great things.

And to all those tiny independent PR friends, who I know work so hard, often alone, with demanding clients and no thanks… let me tell you, you do a brilliant job.

Let’s see what challenges await us in 2020. Until then, I promise not to bother you on Christmas Day.

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