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Last week I was on the receiving end of the perfect pitch. If only every email could be like that. I won’t name the PR company as I don’t want to be accused of favouritism, but let’s just say they’ve been the source of many good stories over the years.

They are a well-established agency with lots of clients to draw on, which in turns means they are well placed to spot any trends or common themes that are emerging across the industry. Even so, it takes initiative for someone to sort through their clients’ various menus and pick out a unifying thread.

That’s what Siobhan did, and she sent me a concise but comprehensive pitch with all the salient information I needed. I instantly knew it would work and five minutes later the piece was commissioned. I can’t think of a faster turnaround.

It’s a good example of what I often mention here, about the importance of thinking journalistically. Often what our job comes down to is picking up various strands from different sources, and weaving them together to create a new piece of cloth.

When a PR provides does all the weaving for you, it’s reconfirms just how beneficial the journalist-PR relationship can be.

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