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They say a change is as good as a rest, but I’m not sure that relocating from London to the Cotswolds during the kids’ half term counts. 

Many freelance journos will have experience with this, but as someone in permanent employment – who only started receiving home press mailings since lockdown – it’s a first for me. 
I’ve heard of post piling up at fellow beauty editors’ previous addresses months after making numerous address-change notifications, so I’m anticipating Royal Mail’s Redirection Service alone will prove insufficient. 
I’ve also splattered it in red all over my email signature, updated my profiles on media databases (thx Roxhill!) and shared on my Insta Stories. Am I missing any other tricks? 
No doubt many send-outs won’t make their way to this Shire, anyway; I accept that ‘hello cows’ comes with ‘goodbye premium courier services’. Plus, PRs can still direct my items to Hearst HQ if more convenient – though they might not be seen for up to a week. 
But address change or not, checking postal preferences is appreciated by many. Whatever a journalist’s circumstances, clarity over where and when something is being sent can’t hurt. After all, a missing mailer is no good to anyone. 
Now, where did I pack my wellies…

What Bridget Thinks…

“A simple stat goes a long way in piquing interest, and LookFantastic did well to hook a release on Floral Street with insight into how searches for fragrance are rising. Drawing attention to the brand’s environmentally conscious USPs helps too. As does linking to its Discovery Set, which is perfect gift guide material.”


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