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A lot of themes are conflating right now, when I consider the stories currently on my ‘to do’ list. After listening to Dan Saladino talking about his excellent book Eating to Extinction at the Angela Hartnett book club, I think that making wise food choices is right up there. Then I’ve been reading The Meat Paradox, so the newsy topic of veganism keeps coming up. At the more trends-driven part of my portfolio, the rise (or return) of offal and unusual foodstuffs is catching my eye.

On top of that, the war in Ukraine is – day by day – starting to bring into focus food insecurity and the possible effect on our shopping and food habits. It means that I am studying everything from academic papers to government policy to what’s on menus… and finding common themes.

The one most pressing is, of course, the knock-on effect of the Russian invasion. Nothing is quite as straightforward as it at first seems – from wheat to fish or canned sweetcorn. What is clear is that where we spend our money – and what on – is of huge importance. On the back of energy price surges (I feel like I’ve seen a lot of people’s supplier estimate shockers on social media over the last week), savvy shopping is a strong story.

And it’s one we need help with: this is when the PR who is appraised of the news agenda and knows what facts and analysis might be important can really shine. Cheap deals and economy goods might not be the most glamorous of stories, but they are important. I need the big grocers to provide comment quickly and to hear about helping the consumer in creative ways. All eyes are on this right now.

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