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As schoolgirls, my friends and I had a running joke about how we couldn’t get through the front door for Valentine’s Day cards. Fast forward a twillion years, and I can’t get through my inbox for Valentine’s Day emails. I’ve never had so many. Plus-size PJs. Sexy lingerie.  Couples retreats. Personalised jigsaws. Lip-shaped cookies. Free knickers if you buy a bra. A dessert-making kit. Heart-shaped everything; anything that is red or pink. “Make your Valentine’s Day one to remember with the gift of a thousand rose petals,” quoth one. “Whether that’s for a loved one, bestie, or yours truly they’re guaranteed to be blown away.” What was this exotic item, you may ask? A tinned cocktail

I couldn’t help but wonder whether any other occasion is PR’d with an enthusiasm that’s in inverse proportion to the column inches it receives. Whisper it, but Valentine’s Day has an image problem. In journalistic terms, it is that most maligned of things – old fashioned. Much of its merch belongs to a time when women were seen through the prism of the male gaze, and its most popular rehabilitation – “Galentine’s Day” – is too cringe ever to catch on. Yes, women give their friends presents, but not on prescriptive days. 

While I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, I am a big fan of love. If PRs attached a narrative to their products, I wonder whether they’d get more traction. Everyone talks about the power of storytelling: Valentine’s Day seems to be crying out for more of them, with deeper meaning. Tell me the role your product had in someone’s love story, and you might grab my attention. 

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“This is bonkers… talk about making your mark on the landscape. “

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