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Value, investments and clever ways

As this is my last column of the year, first of all a word on 2022 from my perspective. Of all the so-called trends and themes, the one I find most interesting isn’t really a trend at all and it’s all the better for it. In relation to food, I have loved the responses to what has been a deeply challenging time – most often it’s been about a return to old ways. 

It’s given a new life to such unfashionable subjects as freezing, pressure cookers, batch-made meals and energy saving ideas. In a world when we’re supposedly all in thrall to what’s new, it’s been refreshing to commission features along these lines, often bringing a new audience to them. And to draw on the expertise of really knowledgeable writers too.

Hopefully these themes have given your clients new areas to explore too. 

Of course, we’re all always up for newness, so keep that coming too, but it feels like for January just as much as the last few months, it’s more about value, investments and clever ways than some faddy new diet or expensive supplement.

Meanwhile, I’d like to thank all of you for reading, and for responding to me – whether I’ve been voicing an opinion, suggesting angles or simply making a plea for something! It’s great to have such an engaged audience: it makes a change sometimes from newspaper readers who are a bit more… shall we say abrasive!

I think I’ve mentioned before that I struggle to get through my inbox so I don’t always respond which is grating, I know, but I do look at everything, it’s just finding the quiet moment for a considered response that is so elusive. I’d say I’ll make a new year’s resolution about that but let’s get real… 


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