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I went to a celebratory lunch at Annabel’s for Elemis’s 30th birthday.

It was gorgeous. In a jewel box of a room, with a grand chandelier, exquisite flowers. (Carnations and gyp – who’d have thought they’d be fashionable again?)

Then Noella Gabriel, co founder, talked about their policy on sustainability (because of course, this is 2019). They are ditching their spatulas (who used them anyway?), have stopped making their boxes shiny (so they can now be recycled) and reducing their packaging waste.

Which is obviously all good.

But I was also thinking about another kind of waste.

Before smart phones were a thing I would go to beauty events in the most jaw dropping locations. There would be breathtaking tablescapes, A list ambassadors, beautiful, beribboned presents and not a thing about it would be documented or shared by the attendees.

All the thought that went into the carefully written place cards, the perfectly blousy toffee roses and the exquisite glasswear would never make it into print. Yes the product being launched might, or perhaps an expert quote, but generally no mention of the bash itself.

It was good for brand elevation and bonding and networking but there was nothing immediate to show for it coverage-wise.

Now if you throw an event at least it will be storied, posted, reposted, filmed and tweeted.

And your design skills will be rewarded by thousands of likes.

Which is good right?

N.B. Noella said the flowers would be going to Floral Angels after the lunch. They recycle flowers from events and give them to those in need of a boost. Hospices and care homes etc.

Definitely not a waste.


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