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Around this time of year I usually have an attack of ennui about social media, but I can’t understand why people swear off it (and quite frequently post to tell everyone that they’re swearing off it, at length!) 

We’ve just had the two extremes: intense early deadlines and huge amounts of content and then the sudden lull when you don’t read a paper and frequently forget what day of the week it is. Now that Christmas and New Year are over, it’s a good time to reconnect and see what’s coming next.

I’m not talking about Veganuary or Dry January or any of that stuff. PRs who aren’t already aware of this fact should note that the minute we’re past about 2 January, no one is going to run features on those topics. We’re fickle and restless and fed up of hearing about ‘exciting’ new jackfruit-tofu pancakes or whatever…

That doesn’t necessarily mean we welcome a deluge of Valentines Day or even (heaven forbid) Mother’s Day releases but I think now is time for suggestions about new enterprises, unusual themes and interesting trends that might have got lost in the melee over the last six weeks or so (or while some folk weren’t looking at Twitter and Insta…). It could just be the perfect time to pitch something that isn’t fixed to a particular date!


What Lisa Thinks…

“This minimal release did what it was supposed to – pique my interest and I could definitely imagine a feature off the back of it.”

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