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When the news is bleak

Are you, like me, suffering from low-level daily anxiety? I feel that every morning on the Today Programme, there are new figures and reports on the cost-of-living crisis, strikes, energy bills, food shortages and more. It’s enough to make me throw the duvet back over my head.

Sadly, that’s not really an option when you work on a daily newspaper, nor if your job is to promote somebody or something. Which got me thinking about how you can sell when people aren’t buying…

I think the answer comes, oddly, from fashion and beauty. It’s often been written that when the economy takes a dive, hemlines go up. Whether that is really backed up by facts I’m not sure; ditto sales of brightly coloured lipstick in a recession, but I like that way of thinking.

When it comes to food and drink, little treats are perfect. Whether it’s extolling the virtues of a fixed-price bargain lunch or gorgeous wines in smaller formats – for the middle-class crowd – or the ‘best of the best’ in the discount stores for a wider audience, these are good to know about. 

As I often say when people imagine that features departments have it easy – newsdesks see what’s happening in the world and write it down, features have to find an angle, think visually, find case studies and/or products and write with great flair. It’s harder to do that when the news is pretty bleak, so let’s work together on the little sparks worth celebrating. 


What Lisa Thinks…

“I liked the mix of stats, opinion and suggested lines for a feature/interview in this press release on, of all things, milk.”

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