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Why you shouldn’t use Adele in your pitches

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Why you shouldn't use Adele in your pitches

You love Adele. I love Adele. Your mom loves Adele. Everybody loves Adele. Given that the UK has been in the grip of #Adelemania since the 33-year-old North Londoner released the first song from her new album after a long hiatus, it stands to reason that PRs would want to capitalise on said mania. In an increasingly divisive world where dissenting voices grow ever-more vitriolic, Adele is one of the few people who unites. Unless we are Janet Street Porter, we can all agree that Adele is a Good Thing. 

Which is no doubt why one PR recently sent out a release that began: “With Adele releasing her new album this week which is about her divorce, many may think that the only way to get over a failed relationship is by releasing a globally successful album,” then proceeded to pitch an idea titled “Why you don’t need to release an album to get over a failed relationship.” And why another PR pitched the idea: “Why, like Adele, you might be suffering from hangxiety”. By the close of the week, I’m fully expecting Adele to be invoked to flog me Thanksgiving turkey. 

Yes, we all love Adele, but linking her to every spurious idea does not make a great pitch. From a journalist’s point of view, there has to be more synergy. 

What Laura Thinks…

“This caught my eye as it seems such a staggering figure. The thought of all those lost, sentimentally valuable jewels feels very sad.”


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