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Why Your Ambassador Needs The Gift Of The Gab

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Some people talk in sound bites. They are some of the best people to interview.

Who do I mean? Well a great example is Charlotte Tilbury.

Charlotte and I go back a long way. We did our first location trip together. To Morocco. I was a lowly fashion assistant and she a novice make-up artist. She was hilarious and talented in equal measure.

She talked to the locals in an ‘allo allo French accent and called everyone darling. (N.B. Great tactic if you can’t remember someone’s name).

Even then she knew how to get us all buy into her vision. She had the model, the fashion editor and I hanging off her every tip. With words that really resonated. This foundation makes skin ‘look candlit.’ That primer smoothes like ‘spandex. ’ Backstage at the shows (where we both spent much of the noughties) she was editorial gold.

The models were ‘baby Bardot’ or a bit ‘Bianca Jagger.’ We jotted it all down furiously in our notebooks.

This ability to understand and package up in words what we want (the press and public) has made her brand such a success.

So if you’re thinking about hiring an ambassador to represent your client’s brands that person needs to be more than just beautiful/creative/visionary – they to be able to talk the talk.


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