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Written and ready to send out in 2029...

Last week I received a number of special newsletters or press releases following India’s belated reintroduction of the e-visa scheme for visiting Britons on Monday. The earliest of those communications arrived Monday afternoon; a few final stragglers followed on Friday. Some simply announced the news and provided a quote; others added a prediction of surging demand or declared temporary discounts.

India is a major holiday destination and this was undoubtedly big news in travel circles — while I was at The Sunday Times recently we covered the appalling delays being endured by would-be visitors as in-person applications and protracted paperwork remained mandatory.

News stories about the e-visa scheme’s resumption would have been immediate — written that day for digital editions or produced in advance for weekend print stories. To appear in them, you most likely had to send your press release as or very, very soon after the news broke.

Destination specialists with contacts at the Indian tourism office might have helped in gaining an advance warning of the news coming — and thus being able to have a release ready to send out as it materialised. But failing that? The best course of action would have been to already have written and finalised a release. This news simply had to come at some point — this month, next year, 2029 — and you’d then be ahead. Get some quotes from a higher-up, list some sample tours (editing every so often if necessary) and just keep your finger on the trigger, poised and ready.

For future such stories, this is definitely the savvy tack. Don’t wait for the news to break before hurriedly crimping together a release — chasing for quotes, awaiting sign-off, all while satisfying unrelated media enquiries — as precious seconds tick by and rivals steal a march. Be prepared, like a good scout, and editorial coverage will be a likely reward.

That’s it from me until 2023: have a fantastic Christmas and New Year. Try and keep those heating bills down, keep your face masks handy, and I’ll see you on Monday 9th. Thanks so much for reading my diatribes.

What Richard Thinks…

“Cox & Kings were first out of the blocks, as far as my inbox went, in terms of India news — so credit to them.”

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