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Yes to older faces in press releases

As public discussions around menopause have exploded in frequency, so too have the amount of press releases I’m receiving on the topic. It’s refreshing, but it’s still pretty much the only time I see older faces in press materials. Why?

From a PR standpoint, presumably access to decent imagery can be a barrier for many of you who deal with modest budgets. Stock photography is a pain on the journalist side of the fence, too, though thankfully those of us at publishing companies usually have more options at our fingertips.

Personally, I’d rather no images than seeing a twenty-something illustrating the benefits of an anti-ageing product made for anyone over 40. And yes, I know, we still need to come up with a better term for that category – if you’ve got The One please do share it.

I’m speaking as someone in my mid-30s, working for a publication with an audience demographic that’s mostly made up of fellow millennials. I would like to see our faces reflected back, and those of our discerning big sisters in their middle age (and beyond!).

If brands don’t speak to people over 25, they can expect to be ignored in return. Assuming you’re not solely aiming for a Gen Z market, let your client know that we’d love to see more older faces and ageless messaging alongside themes such as make-up trends and self-care, that have nothing to do with a ‘mature’ consumer. Some wellness brands (often with famous founders in their 40s/50s such as Goop and WelleCo) have the hang of it, and I spot it more and more in beauty campaigns (L’Oreal lead the way here, but even Fenty–lauded as ‘beauty for all’–could take note). However, it’s far less common in the fitness industry, for example.

If we keep participating in dated marketing, then this issue isn’t going away. I know I’m not alone in hoping for change – let’s all keep moving the needle, shall we?

What Bridget Thinks…

“This speaks to the same issue, but that’s not the only reason why this release caught my eye. Coming from a brand founder with a background in beauty PR and journalism, they knew to offer something original (and have research to back it up).”

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