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Blimey – what a week.

Hard to know what to say, but as I bow to those more knowledgeable than me on epidemiology and virus contagion, I’ll stick to what I know best. Beauty.

What’s clear is we all need to keep things rolling as much as we can. There are businesses that need to stay afloat. PR’s that need their retainers. Journalists who need the commissions.

What the world of media will look like when this is all over is far from clear, but what we do know is won’t give up without a fight.

I have been so impressed with PR professionalism this week. A friend making sure I received a product to review even when she has two under tens beneath her feet. And then, because the deadline was tight, she called me with the lowdown. All whilst simultaneously feeding her son a chocolate cereal bar. (‘He knows when I’m going to cave in’)

Some PR’s contacted me last week to say they’d been worried about how to pitch their e-mails and they appreciated my ‘carry on’ message. None of my inbound e-mails have been insensitive (we’re all experts in communication right?) – generally starting with ‘I hope you and your family are well?’ For me, this feels appropriate and polite.

On another note I think this enforced isolation will make us much more appreciative of the events we were so blasé about previously. I’m looking at my diary and the is an entry for a Wyse press breakfast with Batch 001 (an organic beauty company) that would have happened today. We were going to make our own bespoke products and would have been such a treat. *Sigh

If nothing else, once this is over it will make us really appreciate a press event.

Remind me of this if I ever moan….


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