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Your nation's editors need you

Two commissions from different publications (one a national newspaper) in the last week have struck me as having a similar aim: to boost the mood.

One editor asked me to write about fashion that has the potential to energize, fast-forwarding some of the optimism of springtime to these pretty bleak January days.

So I suggested colour, florals, bold and graphic activewear and embracing some of the more fun styling trends for SS21 via the clothes you might already own.

The second editor wants a piece in almost the opposite tone, asking me to write about how embracing the quiet of this time, including through your clothing choices, can be good for the soul.

Different tone, same aim. I think these two pieces act as a useful barometer of the current climate on commissioning desks. Editors are looking for thoughtful lifestyle features that do more than bang on about trends or newness. They want to bring optimism and spread reassurance. It’s all about promoting feelings of wellness in an uncertain time. And your messaging can do the same. Tweak your communications to tune into this editorial thirst for all things mood-boosting. Your nation’s editors needs you.

What Kate Thinks…

“M&S is well tuned into the mood I am referring to above. Full, ahem, marks to them. I love the authoritative air this press release has. It’s like one of Chris Witthy’s slides but much less depressing and packed full of useful stats about activewear. Changing the format of how you present your information can make all the difference. Just make sure the copy isn’t so tiny it’s impossible for a 40-something journalist (who probably needs glasses) to read…” 

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