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A cost of living PR crisis

Who will win the award for the worst cost-of-living related PR blunder?

Well, out of touch Tory MPs are always a good bet.

One Minister, Rachel MacLean, has shown promising form, telling people who are struggling with bills to get a better job.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak might try and pay for a Mars bar with a gold-plated Amex, or similar.

In the business world, you’ve got to fancy the bankers.

There’s a decent chance one of them will say the problem with the economy is lazy people working from home, as he trousers £7 million and fires 4000 people over Zoom.

The issue is so sensitive I think even well meaning, thoughtful people, non-bankers, might fall foul of this situation.

The slightest misstep can see your CEO branded a callous fat-cat, even if all he really said was, you know, perhaps things aren’t That Bad.

Maybe putting a jumper on when it is cold isn’t that terrible an idea, but you’d be a fool to say so.

So corporate statements have to be even blander than usual given the likelihood of offence being taken. Attempts at humour, sadly, should be few.

Our Find Out Now poll today asked more than 7000 people which measures the UK government should take to ease their finances.

A majority wants a windfall tax on the energy companies. Hardly anyone thinks we should buy gas from Russia.

You can see the full results below.

Press release of the day

The Statutory Sick Pay laws have not been reformed for 40 years, says this from Unum and WPI Economics.

Doing so could lead to a near £4 billion boost to the economy over five years, it claims (though I’m not entirely sure how).

The UK ranks poorly when it comes to sick pay against nearly all European countries, a chart shows

Stories that will keep rolling

1) What is Joe Garner’s legacy at Nationwide? Is he leaving it in better shape than he found it?

2) Why is UK inflation the highest in Europe?

3) Are the latest retail sales signalling a recession?

4) Will rising interest rates cause a property crash?


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A Lesson From The Banks On Windfall Taxes


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