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‘A note to PR people in London: chill’

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Twenty years ago my best journalistic mate and I were so poor we would turn up to any event going, even award ceremonies, just for the food and drink. He won loads. Some of them meaningful.

I was once best reporter about mortgages written by a left-handed person with one leg shorter than the other.

My mum says she’s got the certificate somewhere.

Anyhow, the American reporters receiving these awards – soberly, it seemed – gave speeches in which they gave thanks to their siblings, their parents and Meryl Streep. For the ongoing inspiration she provides.

Some of these American hacks are still in London and now in PR. I think they are missing the mood somewhat.

Over lunch, even the most uptight UK flak relaxes. Has a second glass. Makes fun of their own firm, their clients, themselves and their job. Good people.

The American flaks are no less human. They just try so hard to be.

I think this is because, having worked there, the US is more corporate in general. Big companies are Not To Be Laughed At. This Is Very Serious Stuff.

So, when they pitch you an idea, they do ridiculous things such as asking if you will run the op-ed by the powerful American CEO, without being allowed to read it first. Depending on our mood, this is funny or annoying.

We love you Yanks. Even if you are in PR. Take a chill pill.


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