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A PR plan for London

New York has got a buzzy ad and PR campaign going, one devised by the talent at SS&K, part of M&C Saatchi.

“No Stopping New York” is the gist. It aims to “rally the confidence of New Yorkers and make them excited once again about the future of the city and the role they could play in it”.

M&C’s new-ish chief executive Moray MacLennan tells me London needs to do something similar, and not just to funnel funds to Ad and PR agencies.

He must be right. We need to write love letters to London, reminding people why they fell in love with it in the first place.

M&C says the heroes of the US campaign “are the eight million people of New York”.

Ok, that’s a bit soft-headed. Don’t tell us we’re heroes for going out to lunch.

But something like that must be worth a crack. There’s plenty of bits and bobs about London’s bounceback, and plenty (for obviously self-interested reasons) in the London Evening Standard.

There should be something bigger, something co-ordinated.

If only there were any clever public relations experts in London who could get this going….

Press release of the day

“Brits have a pocketful of unused loyalty cards in their wallets collecting dust,” says this from Virgin Red.

Can you have a pocketful in a wallet? Doesn’t sound right.

Anyway, we are missing out on 1.1 billion loyalty points every day, amounting to more than eight billion loyalty points a week.

I think a lot of us are aware we don’t make the most of these things. No annoying embargo either.


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