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A PR problem for the private equity sharks

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A PR problem for the private equity sharks

They are sharks. Pandemic plunderers who are responsible for a jobs bloodbath.

They run a broken and exploitative business model which leaves companies at the mercy of secretive tycoons.

This is The Guardian going off on one about private equity. Typical.

Except, wait, it isn’t the Groan at all, it is the Daily Mail – the arch defender of a rich man’s right to do whatever so pleases him, in the name of freedom and for the good of the economy.

This is not a passing blip, this is a full frontal campaign against a £52 billion assault that has left no corner of British business safe.

What’s going on?

Well for one thing the Mail’s excellent Alex Brummer has hated private equity for years, indeed he has a book out called Britain for Sale.

Still, he has to persuade the editor to go for this stuff, and the charming Geordie Greig is many things but crusader against big business is not usually one of them.

If I were in private equity (no one has yet asked) I’d be worried about this. And from a PR point of view I’d be keen to look like I was behaving well.

Press release of the day

UK workers are moving from furlough to freelance, says this from accountancy tool Bokio.

A small majority say this has had a positive impact on their mental health, though most expect to earn less than they did.

Not many people regret going freelance, we read, which doesn’t say much for employers.


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