A timebomb ticking under inflation commentators

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A timebomb ticking under inflation commentators

I want to read something new about inflation. Which probably means someone new needs to write it.

The old voices, some of them are really old, are predictable.

There’s an inflation timebomb ticking, we are told.

Over at The Mail On Sunday lovable old sage/cantankerous old gasbag Peter Hitchens says the government, “in a frenzy of panic, has spent impossible sums of money which it has not got”.

Well, the point of the spending is at least partly to increase inflation, which has been too low for ages. And Hitchens’ main concern is house prices. Which is different.

There is a picture, inevitably, of German children in 1923 playing with worthless banknotes.

A reasonable rule of thumb in any argument: If you start invoking 1920s Germany as an example of a looming disaster, you are probably over reaching.

So, let’s hear from some young folk. By which I mean people under 50. Preferably arguing that the oldsters have been wrong about this one for most of our entire lives.

Hit us with it.

Press release of the day

How much money do you need for a decent retirement? Some number crunching here from interactive investor, which breaks it down based on expectations.

These things aren’t new, but if you are anywhere near thinking about such matters they are hard not to read, usually with a sobering outcome.


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