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A tricky week at Teneo

Declan Kelly just had to go. The allegations against the Teneo boss were grubby, “an inadvertent, public and embarrassing mistake”, in his words, and perhaps a bit worse than that.

Rivals are asking: Has Kelly managed to draw a line under the matter by stepping down? Perhaps he has.

There is also a suggestion that Teneo’s private equity ownership might mean it is a bit too aggressive on charging for everything, though that extends far beyond the one firm I should think.

High fees might be fine as long as you are squeaky clean. High fees plus a reputational risk don’t mix well.

Clients might go, rivals speculate that other senior staff might do too, but rivals like to think that.
I certainly don’t get why they should.
If my boss is a drunk ne’er do well, which on occasions he may have been, what’s that got to do with me?
If he gets caught shoplifting, say, do I have to immediately quit to avoid damage by association?
With Kelly this was clear cut. But it definitely feels like the corporate world and perhaps the PR industry in particular has got itself into a state about this stuff.
For our Find Out Now poll today we asked:
Do businesses worry too much about how employees behave in their interactions with one another?
You can see the results below.

Press release of the day

Businesses need to offer flexible working if they are to attract the best talent, says this from TalkTalk.

That applies especially in London, I guess because commuting can be such a pin.

The top hybrid hotspots include Dartford and Bromley.


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