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A way back for Prince Harry

The problems at the Royal Family go way beyond public relations. But perhaps they have PR at their core.

You might have read that Harry and Meghan (only people this famous are identifiable from their first names alone) want to split from The Firm.

They “stabbed the Royal Family in the back” according to The Sun.

A detailed and revealing account of how they “defied the Queen” is in today’s Evening Standard.

It’s not as if such fallouts don’t happen in big companies, but I’d say they tend to be better managed than this.

For one thing, in large corporations there is a strong sense of hierarchy. Even in looser companies, like say newspapers, there’s a fairly clear chain of command topped by an editor.

You can do whatever you like so long as (s)he approves.

At the Royal Family, the editor has lost control of the story. The Queen, it seems, is admired by everyone apart from the warring PR folk beneath her frantically briefing against each other.

Perhaps some heads need to be knocked together while Her Majesty reminds everyone just who is in charge around here.

As for Harry, his star has fallen a long way. If there’s a way back for him, we’d be keen to hear the route, and since TB is well read* at SW1A 1AA we can be sure the Queen will take note.

*actually true, possibly.


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