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A Wish For 2023: Signs Of Optimism

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A wish for 2023: signs of optimism

A tricky year in prospect for hacks and flaks (not just us, obviously.)

The appetite for a more normal time, where we aren’t in a permanent crisis ricochet is strong. But the signs aren’t great.

Yesterday, making sure we keep feelings of optimism in check, the IMF warned that a third of the entire world will be in recession this year.

Today the FT’s front page blasted more gloom: UK recession will be deepest and longest, say economists.

Thanks a lot.

Oh, and the ambulance service is so stretched that A&E delays alone are causing 500 deaths a week.

Also, Pele is dead.

Happy New Year.

The trick for both sides is going to be reporting things accurately without overdoing the gloom/having inappropriate levels of gaiety in the face of disaster.

The headline economic news is going to be bad, but underneath those numbers there will be signs of some things going right. What things? Tell us.

Somewhere out there is a brilliant inventor who is making a virtue of the energy crisis with a nifty App that is going to get around the effects of the Ukraine war.

Who is that guy?

In terms of political reporting, the stories will be predictable. The Mirror and The Guardian will say that everything is terrible and the government is to blame.

The Times and The Telegraph will say it’s those beastly unions.

On business, we don’t have to be so nakedly tribal.

The bad news will write itself. Help us get to the other bit.

Press release of the day

The government needs to do more to encourage the sale of no and low alcohol drinks, says this from the Portman Group.

Research shows that many people drink less alcohol once they have tried the no/low alternatives.

The marketing of these goods is confusing, however, and more should be done.

Matt Lambert says: “We are calling on the government to launch the low-alcohol descriptors consultation this year to give further support to the low and no alcohol sector. It has been expected for nearly two years, but given the turbulent political year this hasn’t been prioritised.”

Stories that will keep rolling

1) What do the Fed minutes tell us about the next US move on rates?

2) Has inflation peaked, or is it about to spike again?

3) Which retailers won and lost over Xmas?


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