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AI needs proper regulation

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AI needs proper regulation

Good news for those of us worried about the threat from AI.

Bill Gates says don’t fret, it is all just swell – chatbots will soon teach kids to read in 18 months.

It is going to be awesome. Not that he has any personal interest here.

Even better, AI powered girlfriends will soon be available at just $1 per minute, which sounds like a deal to me.

Heathens who think that what is good for Bill Gates and good for the rest of us is not the same thing remain sceptical.

For our Find Out Now poll this week we asked a wide range of questions about the public attitude to this new technology, and let’s say there is some work for the industry to be done, perception wise.

Who does speak for the AI industry? Robots only, presumably.

To what extent could AI have devastating consequences for humanity? Very much, say 15% of us.

Fake images and fake news that gets mistaken for the real thing is a particular concern.

Dr. Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers, founder of AI detection technology and social media app Frankli, who commissioned the survey, says: “These poll results illustrate the level of the public’s fear of AI and the speed of its development. We see a clear majority worried about the consequences of the technology with 75% of respondents calling for authentication of pictures and videos on social media.”

Even the young folk admit they have been fooled by a deep fake.

And nine out of ten people believe that manipulated content can have negative effects on mental health and body image. Regulation is plainly needed here, sooner than later.

You can see the full results below.

Press release of the day

Really good take on the Bank of England rate rise here from Allianz Trade.

It landed at 12.17pm after the 12pm call by the Bank, which is perfect.

There’s lots of information and opinion, pithily put together.

It is accessible, it looks forwards and there’s charts for those so inclined.

Stories that will keep rolling

1) Has the UK economy defied expectations of a slump, again, or is a recession now on the cards?

2) How did the pound react overnight to the Bank’s rate rise?

3) How much will Ukraine cost Beazley?

4) Can JLR be profitable as it spends £3bn a year to electrify its model range? 


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