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An angry hack writes in (part 979)

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Our angry hack is back in touch and this time he’s really cross with you all (ok, we keep more than one on the TB books).

He may need caging by this point. The cause of his fury is this: if you’re going to pretend to be his mate, at least have the courtesy to check what his job is. Hint: it’s not the same as when you first started begging favours from him decades ago.

The assumption that, because he is still a reporter, that he is still in charge of the appointment’s page (there isn’t one anyway) is rather insulting. It was insulting 20 years ago.

This irks particularly since there are entire journalistic databases set up to track what hacks are up. Where they’ve moved. What they’ve written about. Perhaps check one of them.

I’ll unleash the angry hack: “I think their attitude comes down to this: they reckon we are all mates (but in that snooty way where they find us quite entertaining company but really look down on us). Even if we were, what sort of mate wouldn’t notice that we have moved on a bit since getting their Aim-listed client a mention in a market report in 1995?”

Now, you can say he’s being a bit snooty himself, if you like. He has got rather a massive point.


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