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Back to the (stylish, members only, office)

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Back to the (stylish, members only, office)

Are hacks heading back out and about, up for face-to-face meetings again?

My impression is that most of us are. We may not be back in the office, but we are keen to resume normal hostilities otherwise.

Media groups anxious to see us back in the office are mostly encouraging this, perhaps seeing it as a step towards our future re-entrapment (you may be able to guess where I stand on this issue).

I think we may have learnt that many hack/flak/CEO things can be done on Zoom, but that the real chat, the bit that adds proper value, is still only going to happen in person.

One tactic to entice us out that I reckon would work: get us to try out the cool workspace where you are members that also has a bar and a view.

Somewhere that is, in other words, a lot nicer than where we used to work.

A place where we could finish our feature, meet your client and perhaps arrange a second meeting after that overlooking the City. The sort of place a lowly hack might struggle to afford on her own.

An outfit called Clockwise has a nice-looking gaff at Wood Green, which is out of town, but handy for the mob of hacks who live in North London.

I’m going to give it a try.

Press release of the day

An investor could have made more than £8,000 buying and selling bitcoin at the most popular times this year, from an initial bet of £1,000.

So says this from RationalFX, which has done analysis based on Google search trends.

That’s obviously a risky strategy to be advocating, but it is mostly just a bit of fun – I can’t see the harm in it.


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