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Jargon enters the PR lexicon apace. My suggestion is this: don’t assume we have the first clue what you are talking about.

Here’s what I imagine happens: clients start using some new buzz phrase. Say, “cross pollination” or “advertising value equivalent”.

The chief executive hears it and repeats it, signalling to everyone else that this is important. Everyone else starts using it, like they are experts in the field, and it gets abbreviated to an acronym.

Before long you are CP-ing and AVE-ing all over the place.

The latest example is ESG, which flaks keep using in releases and in conversations, without explanation.

A quick office poll on what ESG might mean got the following replies: That funny stuff in Chinese food. The really right wing nutters in the Tory party. Those clamps they use to shock you back into life after a heart attack.

Finally, someone said, “oh it’s that green stuff”.

It is indeed. It stands for Environmental, Social and Governance.

You already knew that. We did not.


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