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This is the 100th year of the BBC, so a bunch of books have been written about its history.

I doubt the books spend much time discussing BBC’s coverage of business, but I haven’t read them, so can’t be sure.

Certainly, the reviews of the books don’t cover that ground, including one in the Financial Times written by its former editor.

Even Lionel Barber doesn’t think BBC business reporting is worth mentioning.

This is a shame, since while the Beeb is sometimes accused of ignoring or loathing business, it still does have a huge amount of resources devoted to it. Sometimes it does it brilliantly well.

Yesterday we discussed the relocation of some of the corporation’s business hacks to Salford. Perhaps this might lead to more and better business reporting, not less and worse, we hoped.

And the mere fact of its resources means that the enterprising hack can find time to do excellent work in under reported areas.

M’learned sometime colleague Andy Verity has done terrific stuff on the traders convicted of Libor fixing.

He doesn’t think they did anything criminal, and I think he is right.

Mr Verity has just launched a podcast about this scandal called The Lowball Tapes.

The Beeb’s plug for this pod goes: “Andy Verity has audio recordings, kept secret for years, which reveal evidence that could upend the received version of the biggest scandal since the financial crash.”

Short version: Our hack think banks conspired to fix Libor at the highest level with the explicit aid of the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve and others. And he thinks he can prove it.

If you are in public relations, Andy Verity is your basic nightmare. If I were a bank flak, I’d be following this pod closely and with some trepidation.

What will market turbulence do for investors appetite for “nice” shares, the ones that are ESG friendly? This from Hargreaves Lansdown says its clients bought into other sectors in January. This isn’t the death knell for responsible investing, says HL, but a reality check perhaps.

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