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Boris and the marmalade sandwiches

Has Boris lost his party? We’ll find out at 9pm tonight. Has he lost business? Anecdotally and otherwise it looks like the answer must be yes.

That takes a bit of doing for a Conservative PM. This one is presently regarded as so chaotic that business people find it hard to plan for the future since what he and his government might do is near impossible to predict.

Kate Allen of Salcombe Finest says: “The time has come for Boris to be hidden away from politics like a marmalade sandwich in Ma’am’s handbag.”

That soundbite is typical of the 18 listed here.

This ought to be a wonderful opportunity for Keir Starmer and his PR folk, but if they are doing anything to woo business they are doing it awfully quietly.

I’ve heard that complaint from CEOs big and small.

That they might warm to him if he made the slightest effort to come and talk to them.

If he told them what is on his mind. The ways in which he would interfere with them/leave them alone if he got the chance to lead.

Perhaps there is a bigger, grander scheme at work here. Perhaps he and his advisers are waiting for the perfect time to strike.

If not, it looks like an open goal missed.

Press release of the day

Brits are ignoring inflation and talk of an economic slump and spending freely. Indeed, they ignore the 50/30/20 guideline that suggests we should spend 50% on essentials, 30% on fun and save 20%.

DIY is our top discretionary spend, says the OLBG index.

We spend £644 a year on takeaways, up from £153 in 2019.

Recession? What recession.

Stories that will keep rolling

1) Would a four-day week work at a newspaper?

2) Which Brit should be the next CEO of Starbucks?

3) What options does Joe Biden have for bringing down oil prices?

4) By how much will Australia raise interest rates?


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