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Brunswick makes people angry

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My suggestion yesterday that Brunswick must be the best PR company because it has the most FTSE 100 clients produced the desired effect. It irritated a great many people.

Even rival PR execs who knew they were being baited couldn’t help themselves. “Go and sit on the naughty step and think about what you have done,” was the gist of my favourite reply. This made me very happy.

Today’s list is for FTSE 250 clients and a very different picture emerges. First, that Brunswick is in a mere 3rd place. Second, that the mighty Finsbury only scrapes into 7th.

And third, a tip of the hat to Camarco, which has only been going since 2014, but comes in ahead of some supposedly “bigger” names.

A theory for why the list looks like this: Finsbury gets plenty of M&A income so doesn’t chase the 250 so much. Brunswick’s skill has been in getting FTSE 100 clients and keeping them.

FTI and Tulchan take the view that the 250’s of today are the FTSE 100s of tomorrow and are playing the long game.

It’s just a theory. Don’t get all mad.


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