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‘Calling PR people: your country needs you’

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Britain has got a terrible PR problem. I’m basing this on a week in Florida talking to the locals and watching the national news.

Whenever Britain comes up in conversation it’s from the assumption that we are in the midst of a total disaster. Perhaps because that’s how we talk about it ourselves.

No, I had to reassure folk, I’m not dying from hunger. The roads still work. The trains, well, no worse than usual.

A while ago Forbes magazine had the UK as the best country in the world in which to do business. Despite everything, and for now, it still is.

Brexit is plainly problematic, but it’s not really doing us any good overseas to act like it is the actual end of our world.

The politicians and the business lobby groups should go and tell the Americans: we’re still here. They remain welcome to visit and to bring their money with them….


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‘Calling PR people: your country needs you...


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