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Chelsea in line for trophy

Chelsea in line for trophy

Here is Paul McNamara on Channel 4 News last night: “You get the impression that the statement they released will be studied by business schools for years to come in how not to deliver a message.”

He was talking, you have probably guessed, about Chelsea FC.

In the race to find the worst PR possible in the face of an awful, depressing, war in Ukraine, we have a leader.

This will be the only prize Chelsea FC win this year, or perhaps ever again.

Yesterday the club asked for its FA Cup match at Middlesborough to be played behind closed doors since it can’t presently sell tickets (you know why).

Having been widely mocked, it “withdrew” this request, one it had made as a “matter of sporting integrity”.

You can surely only withdraw a request after it has been granted, not after it has been laughed out of town, court, and country.

Here is what I don’t get. Someone proposed this idea, in a meeting. With adults.

And a whole bunch of other people, let’s assume not ones who work in PR for a living, thought it was a good idea.

It was approved. No one said: You have got to be joking. Everyone will laugh at us.

Middlesborough’s statement on the matter cut to the chase.

It found the request “both bizarre and without any merit whatsoever”.

Young folk are ready to ditch social media for the metaverse, says this from Zen Internet.

A quarter of 16-24 year olds think it will improve their confidence, apparently.

This is good if it means the end of Facebook. But is unlikely to be good for newspapers.

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