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Dear Boris, You are completely useless, sincerely Big Business

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Dear Boris, you are completely useless, sincerely big business

Strong stuff from Heathrow today, which takes the gloves off and starts swinging right from the start.

The headline is: Government leaves the UK’s world class aviation sector out in the cold.

That’s on a statement to the stock market nominally reporting passenger numbers.

It rounds on the bungled testing system, which “has left British airports unable to compete with EU rivals” and turns to the end of VAT-free shopping that “threatens to kick our industry when it’s down”.

Chief executive John Holland-Kaye doesn’t hide behind his flaks either, offering this quote: “Lack of Government action is weakening our sector, making it harder for us to support the eventual economic recovery and help deliver the Prime Minister’s vision of a global Britain.”

He might as well have said: Dear Boris, try not to be so utterly useless.

I can’t remember a time when business was so fed up, so disdainful, of the government.

A slight problem seems to be that the government doesn’t care.

Which may mean that Holland-Kaye style toys-out-of-pram shouting won’t get business anywhere.

Some clever background flakery might be needed.


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