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For corporate gobbledegook, the Yanks are in a league of their own

Home Tomorrow's Business For corporate gobbledegook, the Yanks are in a league of their own

For fans of clunky corporate jargon, there is a classic of the genre to be enjoyed here.

An outfit called StaffConnect is pleased that a golf course has chosen its “mobile employee platform to elevate the employee experience”. Etc.

They have to, naturally, “go the extra mile”. And the golf course will be able to “foster an emotional connection with workers”.

There’s a new work acronym for you – NDEs. That’s non-desk employees.

They are “proud to be an active leader in bringing this new paradigm to the workforce”.

What is it exactly? I’m not sure, but a correspondent thinks it’s an app for people who work at the golf to keep in touch with the office. This is much better than a phone with email, I am certain.

StaffConnect is “bridging the employee engagement crisis so organisations can empower employees”. There’s a crisis?

You can’t top the Americans for this sort of stuff. We are amateurs by comparison.


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