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According to Wikipedia, Keep It Simple, Stupid is a design principle invented by the US Navy in 1960. It just means that most things work best if they are kept simple.

I think the hack version of this idea is this: I Am Stupid, So Keep it Simple.

But that doesn’t work as an acronym.

I’ve argued in the past here that there’s no point in flak land telling us stuff we can already see.

That we need detail we might have missed if we’re going to put your clients in the paper.

Just for now, I’m doing a complete reverse ferret on this position.

Since most of us are working out-of-office, we may well be missing obvious, simple stuff, since not many hacks have a Reuters or Bloomberg machine at home.

This development has come just as there are suddenly fewer emails from flaks and experts telling us the basics, I guess for the same reasons.

One of the things we have lost by home working is visibility. It is just harder to check what the biggest fallers in the stock market are, or when the pound was last at this level.

If you want to do us a favour when telling us your tales, start right at the beginning…


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