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The one year anniversary of GDPR falls on May 25th – I imagine street parties will be held across the nation.

What has it achieved? Well, there’s a bunch of industry comments here for those of you interested, helpfully gathered into just one email – thanks for the effort.

Some warn that renewed focus on privacy means GDPR is just the beginning. Maybe that’s so, but I can’t see that GDPR has made (m)any of us feel any more private.

For journalists (and indeed consumers), it seems as if organisations are gathering ever more amounts of information about us, they are just having to tell us that they are doing so.

The effect of this hasn’t been to de-clutter inboxes. If anything, the opposite has occurred.

Organisations that pay only lip-service to GDPR continue to spam us in the hope that if they chuck enough press releases at walls, one of them will stick.

Groups that take GDPR seriously email regularly to let us know what they are up to, so they can say to whoever audits them that they are compliant with the rules.

In the meantime, actual hacking of seriously private details such as bank accounts continues as before, if not more often.

Aside from GDPR consultants, who has gained from the introduction of this pointless regime?


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