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‘Hack ♥ flak: a love story’

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We return from summer hiatus with a shock development. A hack has written in praise of a flak.

Last week, a big, interesting, totally unexpected deal broke. Newspapers scrambled to digest the news; to have something sensible to say in fast-approaching conference meetings; to get a sensible story on websites.

Our hack reports: “When you’re talking to PR types about how to do it properly, try this. I text the flak…He calls me back 5 minutes later with a full briefing of the hows, whys and wherefores including a list of advisers, multiples vs other deals in the sector, colour about the first meetings between the bosses. Then he gets the CEO on my mobile for a 15 minute walk-through before the conference call later. In less than an hour, we’ve pretty much got all we need. Obvious stuff really, but absolutely nobody else does it like that.”

The flak in question is at the top of his game. Certainly, no one briefs better than he does, with fewer dollops of bullshit.

One effect of this, is that when he starts throwing punches on his client’s behalf, the sensible hack is inclined to think that he probably has a point.

The hack’s last point is the best. It’s obvious stuff. It’s not, as they say, rocket science.


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