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Has the Prime Minister been taking PR advice from corporate Britain?

Home Tomorrow's Business Has the Prime Minister been taking PR advice from corporate Britain?

Theresa May is in a bit of a fix, you’ll have noticed. Perhaps she thought today’s pay and job figures would offer respite.

The numbers were ok, unemployment still falling, but wage rises also down. But they hardly merited a brag, even if this were the right time to be speaking of governmental competence.

May tweeted that “we’re building a Britain fit for the future, with an economy that works for everyone.”

The replies were blunt. To the point. Rather rude. One of the calmer voices said: “It’s not bad news but it’s not as good as you intimate, honesty gets more respect than spin.”

Exactly. I can’t see the point in pretending that figures — economic or corporate — are better than they are.

It takes analysts and markets about 30 seconds to see the truth. Journalists slightly longer, ‘cos we’re thicker.

But big companies, and big politicians, routintely insist on presenting the average as if it were superlative.

Wouldn’t it be better, from a PR perspective and every other perspective, to be humble. To point out what remains disappointing before everyone else does.

To under promise and over deliver.

The prevailing approach doesn’t make sense. Do explain….


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