How flaks can fill the gap left by the silent bankers

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Do bankers talk much less to hacks than they used to?

It certainly seems that way to me, though perhaps that’s because I’m an out-of-the-loop has-been (don’t rule that out).

20 years ago it was much easier to develop relationships with bankers who would chat, meet for a glass, gossip, moan about deals that got away…

These days, while bankers on contested deals will still talk to get over their case, the casual chat in Balls Brothers that leads to a new contact, a long and mutually beneficial relationship, is much rarer.

There are two reasons for this I think. 1) fewer people get out of the office. 2) bankers are terrified of getting in trouble with regulators.

The opportunity here is for flaks to fill that gap, or just recognise that it exists. The best new contact I’ve made in ages was thanks to a flak-pal who thought me and her banker friend would get along and put us together. We did.

Failing that sort of intro, take note of the gossip that bankers no longer share with us but might tell you — we are all ears for it, hungrier for it than ever.


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