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How not to start an email

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A large number of emails from flaks to hacks begin like this: I hope you are well.

I thought it was only me that found it annoying; that it would be petty to complain about folk being polite.

But I see that Inc.com has weighed in, with a piece here on how to write better emails that’s worth a read. I don’t agree with all of the advice therein, but the main point is well made.

Certainly, says Inc, emails that begin “Hope this email finds you well” or similar have a high chance of being immediately deleted or ignored.

One problem with this approach is that flaks so often manage to undermine their own supposed concern by addressing the email to Steve or Suzanne or Stephanie. Which rather indicates they could care less about my health. Indeed, they have no idea to whom they are trying to speak.

It’s a small thing, in some ways. But it is rife and it doesn’t help you get a result.


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