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Is your PR firm ripping you off?

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How often do big companies audit the service they are getting from their PR firms? I think the answer must be, not that often. And I think they should pay more attention. And lower fees.

My suggestion is this: every time an RNS goes out with a PR contact at the bottom, they should ring it and see who answers, if anyone does.

The top firms – Brunswick (grits teeth), Finsbury (grudgingly nods) – are as good as they ought to be at answering or returning calls.

There’s loads of other firms, less well known in London but equally keen to brag of their global reach and expertise, who seem simply not to bother.

There’s a name or two on a release and a couple of numbers but no one is answering. If they do ring back, they know this much about their client: nuffink.

I think this particularly applies when there’s a foreign company doing something big in London who seem not to know the difference between a proper firm and

If I were a PR man (don’t laugh), I’d offer journalists Loads of Cash to reveal which clients are being ripped off so I could chase that business.

The journalists, honourable bunch, would turn that money down. Of course.



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