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Long live the King (and the Prince)

Hands up if you are finding the relentless coverage of the Queen’s death hard to understand/bordering on the strange.

(I’m kidding. Keep your hands down. You are not allowed to admit to this.)

Those of us who are indifferent to royalty but thought the Queen was decent are left wondering how common that view is across the country.

Are the people queuing for 30 hours to see her coffin a curious minority or representative of a much wider majority?

Isn’t tracking that coffin, erm, weird and disrespectful?

Doesn’t the endless coverage that assumes we all feel the same rather risk turning soft monarchists into arch republicans?

Again, don’t ask.

At Find Out Now we had long discussions about whether it was even ok to poll on anything royal just now, several times concluding that it wasn’t.

In the end we asked these two questions:

Apart from the late Queen. which member of the Royal Family do you feel represents the nation’s values best?

Has the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II made you more or less likely to engage with the Royal Family in future?

The short answer to the first is that people prefer William to Charles.

But otherwise, they haven’t much changed their minds about the Royal Family.

They knew what they thought before the Queen died and haven’t become more engaged just because the TV thinks they should have.

You can see the full results below.

Press release of the day

Kwasi Kwarteng wants to scrap the cap on banker’s bonuses introduced after the 2008 financial crash.

This is vital for the economy. Apparently.

A pithy response to that from Luke Hildyard of the High Pay Centre, who says: “We know that bonuses in the financial services sector have helped the richest 1% of the population to capture an increasing share of total UK incomes. Removing the cap would be a pro-rich ideological measure that sends a depressing message about who policymakers listen to and think about when making economic policy.”

Stories that will keep rolling

1)    What can UK bosses learn from the US about avoiding strikes

2)    Do the retail sales figures suggest recession or not?

3)    What is the hit/gain to the economy from Monday’s Bank Holiday?

4)    Which company will try to sneak out bad news while our attention is diverted?


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