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SHOCK news from the Evening Standard. We had an idea.

We want a roster of 15-20 City voices to do us a regular afternoon column about what is on their minds and in the news.

This would run weekly or fortnightly. Online at first, then we’ll see.

Casting around for candidates I run into embarrassment. Nearly everyone I know in the City is white, male and at least pushing 50 (boy do they look it).

This doesn’t say much for me. Or the City.

So we need some snappy writers who are not 50, white or male. At least not one of the three would be a start.

If they aren’t screechingly (upper) middle-class, that’s good also.

For clarity, we don’t want journalists. We want actual people.

We’d want 600 words (ish), written with pith. We don’t mind the odd lurch into nerd-land (nerds know stuff), but if we can’t understand it, we can’t run it.

If you have a candidate in mind, or are one, drop me a line, subject matter City Voices.

If it runs to more than one page, you’ve missed it. Please don’t include links or similar, I won’t read them.

Tell us about this brilliant person. Tell us what areas they could write about. Perhaps include a sample of their work. It might be nice if we had heard of them. Then again, if it goes like we hope, everyone will have heard of them soon enough.

I promise I will reply, it just may not be for a little while.

What they write doesn’t need to be controversial, but it should be a clear opinion sincerely held. (Bonus points for controversy though).

Articles that begin On The One Hand This, traipse into, On The Other Hand That, and wimp out with Only Time Will Tell are for the trash.

Or you could try The Daily Telegraph.

Remuneration for this effort will be a Christmas drink with me and Business Editor Jonathan Prynn.

How could you decline such grand designs?


Press release of the day

It is 40 years since the 20p piece was introduced says this from Janus Henderson, a nice way into a bit on inflation.

A 20p in 1982 is now worth about 5p in terms of spending power.

Nearly all of the cash people added to deposit accounts last year has been eroded by inflation, it tells us, depressingly.

Stories that will keep rolling

1) Unions branded selfish by No 10 over rail strikes. BBC

2) UK growth set to be worst in G20 apart from Russia. FT

3) Euan Blair’s Multiverse valued at $1.7bn. Sky News

4) Tech’s decade of stock market dominance ends. WSJ


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