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This is a thin looking week for scheduled business news, the 7am and 9am announcements which are our bread and butter.

Also, judging by my inbox, a lot of the usual market and City commentators have either a) taken their foot off the gas. b) already gone on Christmas holidays.

And fair enough too.

For the economist, market commentator or business analyst looking to make a splash there would seem to be a clear opportunity here.

We’re looking for new voices all the time, but tend to fall back on the reliable mainstays because they are, well reliable.

Newspaper pagination is probably going to be lower over Christmas, government Covid adverts notwithstanding, but there is still plenty of space to fill and less obvious material to work with.

I suspect newspaper appetite for comment on breaking news or longer op-eds on how business is going to cope with recent developments might stretch wider afield than it would do usually, at least for a couple of weeks.

Press release of the day

Which areas in the UK are most guilty of breaching planning permission rules?

GetAgent has collected data from local authorities to come up with the answers.

The area with the worst track record is the City of Westminster, which someone doesn’t surprise me.

Birmingham is the second worst offender, Hammersmith & Fulham the third.


Bank of England does a nervous backflip

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